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Healthy Living


Tadelakt, in combination with loam-based plaster can protect from electromagnetic pollution. The material also has great ability to diffuse moisture and especially steam; it takes extra moisture from the ambient air when it is too humid and returns it to the ambient air when the humidity decreases. The positive psychological effect of Tadelakt is not to be underestimated. Rooms deigned with the material have an especially lively atmosphere and their inhabitants feel well and relaxed. Those who love the aesthetically pleasing will develop a preference for Tadelakt.


Range of Uses

Tadelakt with is 2000-year-old tradition, stands for permanence and high quality and is associate with an easygoing Mediterranean way of life. Unlike Western industrial products made with a multitude of machines, Tadelakt requires artisans. The entire surface is treated and polished several times by hand to bring out the unique nature of the material. The polishing and rubbing in of soap an almost meditative experience. The material rests between the individual work steps; therefore, completion of a single project can take several days or weeks. Furthermore, the material’s allure lies in the transformation that occurs during the production process. Gradually, velvety, shiny surfaces are created from coarse powder.